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Strategic Planning for Retirement MM07

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Strategic Planning for Retirement





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  • D. Weyner

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  • Tuesday 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


Strategic planning and building for financial security in retirement can be a long and tedious path.  Putting the building blocks together prior to retirement and staying on course even in retirement are paramount to the successful outcome of your plan.  During this educational workshop we will talk about the common steps we all must take during this journey.  The initial accumulation phase, followed by growth, then preservation and distribution and lastly, if fortunate, the transfer of wealth. 

Learn how market corrections, recessions, sequence of returns, overextending your distribution in retirement and taxes can all play a major role and help determine plans - and show you how to evaluate if your plan is on track and heading in the right direction.


  • Class Fee $25.00
Total: $25.00

Note: Class has been canceled

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